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About Us

Khabar Palika An Introduction:- Khabar Palika is a government recognized news agency which has a team of experienced journalists across India who cover all the news related to religion and politics and make it available to all news channels/news portals/news papers. he does. Elections previously covered by Khabar Palika – Since 2014, we have successfully covered 7 state assembly elections, (15) Municipal Corporation and Municipal Council elections. *Electoral journey of Khabarpalika:- Haryana Assembly Elections- 2014 and 2019, Himachal Assembly Elections-2017, Punjab Assembly Elections-2017, Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections-2017, Gujarat Assembly Elections-2017, Rajasthan Assembly Elections-2018, Delhi Municipal Corporation- 2017, Gurugram Municipal Corporation-2017, Faridabad Municipal Corporation-2017, Jodhpur Municipal Corporation-2020, Sonipat Municipal Corporation-2020, Kishangarh Municipal Council-2021, Ajmer Municipal Corporation-2021, Chandigarh Municipal Corporation-2021 Successfully covered all these elections. …. Experienced team of Khabar Palika which includes editor, journalist (field reporter), cameraman (electronic media), photographer (print media), news writer, social media expert, survey (ground report) all. Together we cover the election battle, the election results of which are almost accurate, as our team has proven through our experience and work in the past…Key points of Khabarpalika working style:- 1/ News coverage, 2/ News writing, 3/ News publication and broadcast (through print, digital and electronic media), 4/ News viral (social media), 5/ Experienced survey for ground report. Religious Coverage A special program of Khabarpalika is Dharma Darshan, in which in the last 10 years, it has successfully covered thousands of temples across 10 states of India and brought them to the world stage. Also, by covering all the world famous Kumbh Melas of Hindu culture and broadcasting them through various TV channels, they have given the benefit to the public. 5 Prastha News An Introduction News portal, digital news channel and digital news paper run by Khabarpalika News Agency which is from the heritage of history, “5 Prastha of Mahabharata period (Indraprastha, Swarnprastha, Vyaghprastha, Panduprastha, Tilprastha) which are currently in New Delhi, Sonipat respectively. , popularly known as Baghpat, Panipat and Faridabad” publishes and broadcasts the news of all these 5 districts with fearlessness, clarity and impartiality while respecting the rules and regulations of the Constitution and in accordance with the norms of democracy.